Worst Fitness Advice I’ve Ever Received

Not All Advice is Good Fitness Advice

You must have heard that a perfect fitness plan is the one that includes a perfect way of exercising. Fitness trainers in the world come across many set of rules and tips in their everyday schedule. These rules have been formulated in order to prevent a person from experiencing injuries during workout. Some rules are easy to follow while the other ones are simply out of our mind. We really get baffled in a try to follow some rules or bad fitness advice. Many a times, we find that people are following some misguiding fitness tips that have never been mentioned in any book of workout. In order to figure out the same, we had a talk with top fitness trainers asking them the worst misguiding fitness tips they had ever heard or experienced. Here are some of those worst misguiding fitness tips:

Using Heavy Weights Will Make Me Stronger

Most of the beginners think that lifting heavy weights on the very first day will make them stronger. This happens the most with females. In an urge to bulk up their muscles, females try lifting heavy weights but this never makes them strong and rather works in a reverse manner for them. It deters them and makes them demotivated. You should begin by using light weights first and then you can increase the weight a bit once you get habitual with weight lifting.

A squat can be done in just one way

People here have a misconception that a squat or a lunge can be done only in a specific manner. This is totally wrong and in fact; there can be many specific ways to do a squat or lunge. The way to do it totally depends on your target area and goals.

Work out will increase my lifespan

Workout is meant to help you stay fit and not to increase your lifespan. Though it helps you stay healthier and it but obviously reduces your chances of sicknesses and ailments, still this doesn’t makes a considerable effect on your lifespan at all. So it would be wrong to say that Workout makes you live longer. It would be rather better to say that workout makes you live better.

Switching the exercise to confuse the muscles

If you think that a constant switching of exercises can confuse your muscles, you are very much mistaken. While working out, you need to make comparisons which can’t be made if you keep switching the exercises. You should fix a routine for the entire week so that it can be compared with the coming week.

Trying to judge a proper weight

Most of our relatives and friends keep giving us useless recommendations of the proper weight we need to have. There is no ideal weight for a person as every person has different fitness needs. Your proper weight is the one which doesn’t makes you feel discomforted. If you are discomforted with your weight, you need to normalize it and if you are okay with it; you need not worry about your weight at all. Bottom line: Feel comfortable AND confident!

You Can Join Any Workout Class

Just like the proper weight needs of a person, the workout level of a person is also different from the others. No workout class is designed for all. Not knowing how to do an exercise can sometimes prove dangerous for your body. You should thus join any workout class only after knowing the workout level.

There is no perfect exercise for anyone

If an exercise makes you prone to experiencing injuries; it won’t make any benefit to you at any cost. Never follow an exercise plan just because someone else is following it. Their fitness needs might be different from the fitness needs of your body. You should enjoy whatever you do and if you are comfortable while doing any exercise, it can be taken as a perfect exercise.


Beginner Fitness Tips For Runners

Fitness Tips I Wish I Knew 5 Years Ago

While starting the journey to be fit it is important to know some basic things to achieve your goal successfully in future. The 10 fitness tips provided here under can be helpful for every beginner.

Develop habit to be fit

You cannot get desired results even after getting into a gym and get started properly unless you do not become habitual to go to the gym regularly. If they find it difficult due to their busy work schedule then initially they should start at least with 3-4 times in a week for few weeks. They can be able to build a lifelong habit to go to gym regularly after seeing some changes in their body after few weeks.

Control your moves

Usually beginners learn by observing others. Though it is a good thing but they should be able to differentiate between wrong and right moves. If they lift more weights to get quick results then it can be bad and damaging for their muscles. They should increase weights gradually.

Movements should be mixed

The beginners should not start with complex training techniques found in online articles and magazines. Instead of working on one muscle group they should start with doing mixed exercises to work on various muscle groups simultaneously. It will help them to improve their metabolic rate and work on more muscles than by working on one muscle group.

woman doing calf stretches on athletic turf

Never forget per-workout and post-workout stretches

Posture should be perfect

The amount of weight you can lift depends upon the position of your spine during workout. It is better to keep your chest up, neck and head in neutral condition and lower back slightly arched to do any weight lifting exercise. It will help you in improving your muscles without any risk.

Control your diet

Do not start eating excessively and unhealthy foods it you are working out in a gym. You workout for a fraction of time of the entire day but for the rest of the day you should plan a nutritious and easy to digest diet. Try to focus on eating vegetable and protein rich diet.


In order to get the best results out of your workouts you should learn the technique of squeezing your muscles while doing any weight lifting exercise. It will help in building your muscles and making them harder.

Study from your faults

The beginners usually make mistakes as even experts cannot be perfect. So they should learn from their mistakes by focusing on them whether it is related to your diet, attitude or lifts. You should focus on the response of your body to change these things accordingly.

Complete each repetition

As beginner you should focus on the entire round of workout instead of its initial part only. Your finishing should be as clear and smooth as your start.

Inquire about your difficulties

If you have any doubt in your mind then instead of resolving it on your own you should ask your coach or any other fitness expert to resolve it otherwise you can develop wrong habits.

Focus on your muscles

You can develop your muscles even without picking up weights just by contracting them and feeling them whenever you want. It will be possible only by developing a connection between your muscles and mind.

Race Day Goals And Prep

The only way to reach your goals is to control the controllable.  Know the difference between what is in your control and what things you can’t change. Don’t beat yourself up over things that are out of your control.  If you went out drinking after your last workout of the week before your race and then had a bad race, that is one-hundred percent in your control and that would be why your race didn’t go as planned.  You can’t control how other people train or how others are going to race.  So if your goal is to beat someone then that isn’t a very good goal.  You need specific goals leading up to race day that can help you become better to beat that person.  Some specific goals that can help you place high in races would involve sleep, nutrition, enough rest days between long runs and workouts, strength training and etc.


Your body needs a lot of water and rest after your long runs and your workouts in order to repair itself making you stronger and faster.  One of my biggest goals that I pay attention the most to is getting enough sleep the night before the race as well as the nights prior.  Make sure you are taking good care of your body since you will be putting it through a lot of stress and pain, the goal is to get better not to injure yourself.   

As for food, everyone’s body reacts differently to what they consume right before they race.  The only way that I have found to be helpful to avoid the stomach aches is by treating your long runs and workouts like a race.  Go through the same routine that you have on race day except experiment a little bit to see which foods and drinks give you more energy and which ones make you feel like crap.  It’s not as easy as it sounds, it will take time for you to figure out what is your “perfect” meal.  I’ve been running and racing for many years and at times I still struggle with consuming the right foods and drinks prior to race time.  And if you’re a runner you know how painful and annoying it is when you have a bad stomach ache during a run because of food, which is something that is under your control and it should motivate you more to figure out what works for you.  When you run you want to be able to solely focus on pushing your body and focusing on your form not holding in the chocolate chip cookie you consumed 15 minutes before you started running.  For me, I have to stop eating all foods at least 1.5-2 hours before I race and I eat my last small meal about 3 hours before my scheduled race time.  As for the types of foods I consume, I stay away from anything acidic, especially apples, they do not sit well before a race.  And that is exactly what I do before my workouts to help prepare my body for race day, which is what really matters.