Long Distance Running Hot Weather Part 2

Hot Weather Running Part 2

Running in the hot weather can be quite dangerous if proper precautions are not followed. In order to help you out the Road Runners Club of America explains you about the importance of following hot weather running tips.


You just need to analyze and understand your body before looking for the best hot weather running tips. Basically, you may get warm when you run it’s because exercising muscle may increase your body temperature. But, in summer the air will be more saturated and so it’s difficult to cool off since sweat cannot evaporate easily. Here is the list of some hot weather running tips just to help you.


Running Tips in Hot Weather


Avoid Dehydration- For every 20 minutes of running, you may lose about 6 to 12 oz. of fluid. So, it’s wise to drink fluids for 20-30 minutes along your running route. Just check your weight before and after your running for ensuring your dehydration. Also, keep in mind that thirst is not an indicator of dehydration.

You may visit Gatorade endurance site since it fetches you with tools for improving your hydration strategy.

If the temperature is above 98.6 degrees avoid running outside since it may reduce the sweat evaporation rate from the skin and this eventually increases your body temperature at an alarming rate. So, avoid running outside if the humidity is high.

If you feel exhausted, dizzy, nauseated or cease to sweat, stop your running and look for shady place and drink some fluid. You can also get help from others if you are still feeling tired. Running in hot weather may lead to some serious emergency issues like Heatstroke. Heatstroke basically occurs when your body is unable to regulate your own temperature. So, it’s mandatory to regulate your body temperature.

Try to avoid direct sunlight and black top. You may also apply 15 spf sunscreen lotions or wear protective eyewear glasses to filter both UVA and UVB rays. Run in the shady places whenever possible.

If you have heart or respiratory problems or undergoing any medications, refer to your doctor before running. In some cases, you may also choose to run indoors and it’s extremely based on your interest. If you possess any heatstroke/ illness try to run with absolute caution.

Children can prefer running in the morning hours or in the late afternoon hours rather than peak heat hour of the day just to avoid heat related illness or issues. It is extremely important to keep your children hydrated while running and also while playing outdoor games in the heat.

Wear light colored and breathable cloth. Don’t wear long pants or sleeves or sweat suits during your run. If you attempt to run in sweat suits for reducing your weight will lead to some health issues.

Plan your route so you can refill your water bottles or with drinking sources just to avoid dehydration. Basically, city parks, restaurants and local merchants are all some good spots to plan your running route during hot weather. Be clear with your routes, duration and health factors.


Overall, just be cautious and follow the above hot weather running tips in order to stay healthy. Just stay hydrated, cool and safe this summer by following the above running tips.