Running to Lose Weight – Interval Training Or Long Distance Running?

Runners have this innate ability to lose weight and keep it off. But not all can do it perfectly. In fact, most runners find it easy to lose weight in the early stages of training, but they struggle to keep the excess pounds off for a long time.

The weight loss conundrum leads many runners to experiment with different type of training. And the most asked question here is which running method is best for weight loss: sprinting (also known as interval running) or long distance running?

The answer to this question depends entirely on your physiology and personal needs and aptitudes. Some of us prefer to go for long distances and enjoy being outdoors breathing clean air and sightseeing. Others are addicted to the instant gratification and systemic training granted by doing interval sessions. Even so, with a slight assessment of the two methods, you could decide on your most proper training regime.

Interval training

Interval training is running at a faster pace than your usual aerobic pace. Usually, it’s hard to keep this pace for a long distance, therefore it consists of intermittent bouts of fast running and walking or running at slow speeds. The walking boots will allow your body to recover from the high-intensity boots. Interval running has its pros and cons:

– Doing this type of training is intense will boost your metabolism levels. Therefore, your body will be burning calories at a higher rate even when it’s at rest. You will also be building strong muscles tissue, and the more muscles you build, the more calories you burn

– The other side of the coin is that this type of training is not recommended for the beginner runner. Interval running is very taxing on the body and can cause lots of injuries. It’s why is essential to building a solid endurance foundation before you decide on starting doing these intense sessions.

Long distance running

This running consists of long hours of running on the road. Your pace should be moderately easy and comfortable. You should be able to carry on a conversation without much effort. LSD running also has its pros and cons:

– Going for long distances is the best way to build your aerobic foundation. This type of training will usually get you in the famous “fat burning zone,” where you are mostly using fat as the primary source of energy.

– Unlike interval running, with this type of training, you will be burning calories at a more slow and gradual level. LSD running can also be time-consuming and hard to commit to.

Here you have it. Each training method has its benefits and downsides. My advice to you is to try to incorporate both of them into your running program. Doing so will make your running more beneficial and enjoyable.

Long Distance Running Shoes Some Of Your Choices

I have happened to be lucky enough to have been a runner for quite some time coming from performing cross country at school and also athletics to 10k, half marathons in addition to recently a marathon.

One of the several critical advancements I have observed during the last decade is long distance running shoes. I remember evidently during my beginning running cross country races in football boots, as well as track races in plimsolls.

The actual growth of the footwear is much more significant now as many folks not only pursue running but aspire to complete the long distance. When I state long distance, I mean anything from 10k as much as marathons or even sometimes iron mans.

Numerous long distance running events are mostly run on roads, which is much more punishing when compared with say, a running machine on your knees and feet. The wrong pair of footwear would have a massive effect on not merely just how fast you run and also confining any harm to your whole body.

There has been a lot discussion over recent year’s bad mouthing running, saying of which the injuries that may take place outweigh the advantages, I’d strongly don’t agree with this, running is a terrific way to keep fit and as hobbies go is pretty inexpensive.

The leading consideration whenever running to limit injury is if your weight is on the high side take it easy, as extra weight while running could put unneeded pressure on your knees, and of course make the investment in the high-quality set of long distance running shoes.

Lets face it the shoes are usually truly the mainly crucial expense, or less you need always to be some form of fashion victim acquiring all the most recent running vests and also shorts, take my guidance purchase a good pair of road running shoes and with attentive training you will be on the right track to improved health and fitness and also long term running safety.

Some people ask me personally so were do you begin while looking for an excellent pair of road running shoes. My personal most important tip should be to devote as much as you can afford while keeping with manufacturers that come with high grade and value.

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